Mactan Vehicle Club

We are a group of expats living in Mactan that need private transportation from time to time, but not enough to purchase and own a vehicle.

And some of us own vehicles that are used 2 times a week or less.








So we make a vehicle pool that can be shared among members (vehicle pool might consist of ¬†MC’s, Boats, Scooters, Cars, Vans, etc).

This can be done several ways but we think that to avoid any investments we will invite vehicle owners to list the vehicle into this pool.

This way the vehicle owner can reduce the cost of ownership.

To reduce risk the vehicle owner can restrict the renting to be with a driver that the owner supplies (not very practical for a MC or Scooter, but a good idea for a boat and car).

This way there is no risk for the owner. The only change in the owners operation is that he/she has to book his own vehicle when he/she plan to use it.

The web site will also have a blog site (like this) so all members can share their experience.

Vehicle owners that list their vehicle will be members free of charge.

Members (non vehicle owners) will have to pay a annual fee to the club (to cover administration cost).

Rent payment is done directly between members.
A minimum of member information will be available to all members (this will be password protected).








This is just a feasibility/market research for this idea.

We like some feedback

On phone just press the icon to call/sms
phone 092 02 94 16 08 phone
Press/click the icon to send e-mail


We will set up a booking system from this website that take you first to a potfolio page for selection of vehicle.